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To anchor the African Renaissance on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and its innovation so as to contribute to cohesion in South Africa and on the continent for the broadest social and economic upliftment.


Go aga botho mo Afrika. (To build humanness on the African continent.)


Our organization is built on and governed by three key factors: Integrity, Consultation, and Partnerships.Through integrity we hope to create sustainable relationships in all our collaborations and impart knowledge
that will be impactful.
Through consultation we seek to search for consensus on everything we do;
Through partnerships, we prefer to innovate than reinvent wheels.


To represent the ethos of the African Renaissance by creating links between organic and conventional
intellectuals for the social and economic upliftment of Africans.
To identify the gabs which manifest themselves as African problems and to find African solutions them.
To contribute to Pan Africanism

Our Style:

INCUBATION: We will not reinvent wheels. We will search for new ideas from old ones and be creative.
DISTILLATION: In the search for new ideas from the old ones, we will still look for the best ones.
FACILITATION: We will facilitate best partnerships so that we can create new and unique ideas
INNOVATION: Besides new and unique ideas, we will put new and unique results and products on the table. With all the projects we engage, we will continuously use the four focal points above so that we are informed by the human condition, by ecology, by the environment and by the economy. We are part of the sustainability revolution.

Our Projects:

Our projects are embedded in the renewal and rebirth of the African space. Under the themes of heritage, education, arts and culture, oral tradition, health, language and literacy, we aim to propagate for the regeneration of Botho - humanness. We are in search of reconciliation and transformation to achieve.

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Mongane Wally Serote is a renowned South African politician, anti-Apartheid struggle leader, a poet, playwright, cultural activist, and one of the leading African Renaissance proponents. P

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