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“Ha kokoana morena hoa tsenoa hoa tsuoa hoa tsenoa hoa tsuoa ha kokoana”
Sustainability of sustainability.


‘Seolo’ is a Sesotho word meaning Anthill or Termite hill. Ants and termites depict a very formidable organisation whose ultimate objective is to sustain their existence. Working in an organised formation, ants and termites move in and out of the ground, ultimately forming a home that towers above the ground as an isolated hill. This achievement is owed to a fostered unity that brings thousands of ants and termites together to work loyally to build this home and constantly feed their Queen Mother, who is continuously charged with the responsibility to create and keep on creating the offspirngs of this resilient kingdom.

Seolo therefore teaches us about sustainability, which comes about through unity of purpose and resilience to the course.
Seolo sa Serote Institute is being created as an Institute that is inspired by the desire to sustain life, through interventions that require the discipline of unity and the resilience to succeed against all odds.


Iiphe botho (find within us to be humane)

  • Partnerships

To contribute to the trajectory of botho and to emancipate the African Voice.

a. To contribute to an African discourse
b. To contribute to the diversity of South Africa, the Continent and to Humanity.
c. To contribute to the ripple effect of sustainability

Emancipation of the African voice.
IKS and AR
IKS is: emanating from the resilience of the human spirit, and interacting with
the environment, to generate knowledge, to organise and accumulate it, so as
to generate it further to contribute to quality of life and a liveable world.
AR: IS the regeneration, reclamation, recreation, reawakening and rebirth of
AFRICA by AFRICANS, together with other peoples of the world; it is the
furtherance of PAN AFRICANISM within the global context.

1. Botho is the queen mother in Seolo.
2. Story telling: Forced removals.
3. Africa the cradle of arts, culture and heritage
Seolo Sa Serote Institute envisages embarking on numerous projects and
programmes which are informed by the concept of botho through :
• IKS Research, pursuing topics such as:
IKS Judiciary: Lekgotla and gacaca
IKS and Architecture, the Arts and Culture and Heritage
The engagement of IKS is to innovate, promote and protect it.

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Mongane Wally Serote is a renowned South African politician, anti-Apartheid struggle leader, a poet, playwright, cultural activist, and one of the leading African Renaissance proponents. P

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